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I am committed to acting as a true representative of the residents of ward 4. I will actively listen to the wants and needs of the community; all voices will be heard and valued.

Laura Light-Kovacs

About Laura

My great grandparents settled in Loveland in the 1960’s, first as ranchers and later moved into town as retirees. Some of my earliest memories are of my brother and I helping pick and pit cherries from the large tree outside of their house. My parents moved my family to Loveland when I was 12, where I attended Walt Clark Middle School. After graduating from Thompson Valley High School I attended Colorado State University. During college I worked at the Loveland Public Library, and then later worked for Colorado Legal Services in the migrant farmworker division. After earning my Master’s degree in educational pedagogy, I became a high school social studies teacher for 12 years, including as a teacher at Thompson Valley High School.

I’ve lived in ward 4 since 2008 with my husband, and our 4-year old Bluetick Coonhound rescue named Daisy Blue. My husband owns a small business out of our home, and we are blessed to be able to work in the same space as one another.

I work from home for a software company as a Learning Consultant, which has allowed me even more time to dedicate to public service. I have been involved with countless community outreach and volunteer efforts over the years. As your ward 4 representative I look forward to partnering with you to help make Loveland an even better place to live!

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My Top Issues

Together as a community, we can accomplish more than any individual could ever achieve on their own.

Civility in Local Government

While disagreements and compromise are necessary for any form of representative government, there is a way to disagree with someone without being disagreeable. I will bring warmth and professionalism to the council to encourage open, honest and respectful dialogue.

Access to Affordable Housing

The city needs to continue to address the needs of low and middle income residents to ensure adequate and affordable for all.

Urban Renewal Authorities

There needs to be greater oversight on all future URA’s, including ensuring the criteria of a site meet the requirements according to Colorado State Statute. This tool should be rarely used, of short duration and should guarantee that there is a tangible public benefit.

Sustainable Growth

I want a sustainable Loveland for today and tomorrow. New growth in the city must include consideration for the will of the residents, the constraints on our existing infrastructure and careful planning to ensure a Loveland that works for ALL residents. This includes protecting Loveland’s natural resources.

Metro Tax District Reform

No taxation without representation. The residents and business owners of Loveland do not benefit from the way that the current metro tax districts have been set up, including an inability to vote or participate on measures that increase their tax liability, or even a say in how those tax dollars are used.

Lovelands Choice

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Laura is dedicated to making a difference in our community. With a passion for public service and a commitment to excellence, she is running for City Council to bring a fresh perspective and innovative solutions to the issues that matter most to our residents.


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Start: 07 Nov 2023
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